Willie Watana

Born and raised in Los Angeles and is of Thai-Salvadorian descent. 

Willie learned the many roots of Latin dancing through his youth. While still in highschool, he began his study in salsa dance in the early spring of 2000. Since then, he proceeded to pursue different forms of Latin dance. After one year of "on-1" L.A. Styling, he traveled to the First Annual New York Congress where he discovered his craze for "on-2" Mambo dancing.

His freelance dance career has been working with L.A. dance companies such as Salsa in the Mix, The L.A. Salsa Kids, The Seaon Stylists, Salsa Brava, Yemaya, Mambo-Inc. and others like Latin Motions (New Orleans), and Los Soneros Del Swing (Chicago). The performance piece, "Fan Routine", he had created with Yvette Pinon marked him as one of top performers at age 18. He has also worked with other solo dancers like Yvette Pinon, Olivia Dasso, and Jen Silvas, Ana & Joel Masacote, and has recently had the pleasure of working with Tito Puente's band, Gilberto Santarosa, Marc Anthony, and Jennifer Lopez.

As of now, he continues his career as a solo instructor, choreographer, and performer internationally and all over California. His latest projects incorporate salsa and mambo with other forms of dance such as ballet, jazz, and hip-hop.