Founded on August 2010

At Cal State University, Fullerton

Founder Kazumi DeVries and Joshua Mendoza

work together on building CSUF Salsa Club

August 1, 2010

In the beginning, the current salsa club at Cal State Fullerton was called, "Candela". It was a struggling club of over 2 years with a peak membership of 25+. The current president was on his way out and very few members showed interest in maintaining the club's leadership. Knowing the hard work that lay ahead, Joshua Mendoza became president and took on the responsibility of reviving salsa @ CSUF. He was determined to increase club membership and to improve the club's success.

Kazumi showed prior interest working with CSUF but communication was poor between the former executive board. Kazumi had given up contact and went on to continue hosting her successful Clave Lab Social in Fountain Valley. Determined to build a formidable club, Josh sought out advice from Kazumi DeVries. Soon after, Candela dissolved and a new salsa club was born, the CSUF Salsa Club.

We owe everything to Kazumi DeVries for the club's success. Her guidance, sacrifice, vision, strong values, and leadership have shaped its leaders and has made a profound impact on the club's purpose:

To preserve the history of Latin dancing as a fine art
To promote its progress on campus
To maintain affordable classes for students
To instill moral values and standards in its membership
and to provide support and the opportunity for dance sport competitions.

Kazumi and Josh (CSUF Salsa Club)

CSUF Salsa logo was born

August 2, 2010

Calvin Nguyen, a graphic designer, was asked to produce a flyer for CSUF Salsa Club by the current president, Joshua Mendoza. He agreed to donate his time and effort to the club.

Funny Insight: Calvin Nguyen produced the flyer under a time constraint and had no clue that Josh would use it as the official club logo. If he would've known, he said he would probably dedicate more time into it.

The logo was later approved by Joshua Mendoza, Kazumi DeVries, and the current board.

CSUF Salsa Logo


Kazumi DeVries agrees to teach classes

August 3, 2010

With a pending contract, little semblance of an organization, and no guarantee of a set wage or rooms she agreed to teach for the CSUF Salsa Club.

She agreed under the condition that the club will continue to pursue its founding principles and that we would eventually afford to pay her, her prevailing rate.

Insight: Joshua the club founder says, "She put on the line her reputation, time, and expense to pursue her love of dance and the opportunity to impact people's lives. I promised to honor her request and make her proud of our club".

Kazumi Teaching Salsa @ CSUF