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Social Media
Stay Social Media Stay active and involved on social media, here's how:
1. Like our posts and leave comments! The power of social media is strong!
2. Addknow your instructor, ask questions, get feedback on your improvement, and let her know you are enjoying the class. Her time is limited so take advantage!
3. Keep dancing and keep in touch, join our Salsa Club Activity FB Group.

Salsa History
Checkout our YouTube collections of salsamentaries! Over 38K views combined!
ROOTS OF RHYTHM | Harry Belafonte
Latin music has always been a fixture in American popular culture, but its history reflects centuries of change and complexity from diverse sources. Roots of Rhythm traces the development of this exciting musical genre, going back 500 years across three continents. Belafonte, the host, quotes a poet who said, "Cuban music is a love affair between the African drum and the Spanish guitar.

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Abide by the General House Rules


1. Be polite and respectful in nature. 
2. Maintain a dignified level of language and behavior.
3. Due to close contact with members, personal hygiene is important at any and all official events and activities, to include good breath, clean clothes, and a clean body. 
4. Acting with consideration, for example escorting persons to their cars at night, carpooling when possible, and offering hospitality to members and non-member dancers alike is appreciated and in the spirit of CSUF Salsa Club. 
5. The right to personal privacy includes offering this courtesy to others, and the soliciting of dating relationships, business, and sales activities and imparting religious and political views, or other interpersonal activities that may hinder the moral and spirit of the organization is forbidden.

The Orange County Salsa Calendar

Go here if you are looking for salsa events in and around Orange County or join our FB Group: CSUF Salsa Club Activity. The forum is for the members of CSUF Salsa Club and people who continue to support the club to communicate, plan events/carpool, volunteer, or provide input/feedback to any of the club's activities.    
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