Paco Evangelista

Paco has had over 15 years as one of the most successful Latin dancers and instructors in the world. His career began in 95' performing for the top children's performance groups "
LA Salsa Kids" evolving to perform for the world renowned salsa dance company, "
Salsa Brava " His style and talent made him stand out above the other dancers.

The creator and director of Salsa Brava, Joby Brava, immediately took notice and this led to a successful solo career with her as his partner. His career as a dancer sky rocketed making him one of the most successful Latin dancers in the world with promoters and dancers alike contracting him to perform in Italy, Spain, Japan, Malaysia, London, Brazil, Austria, Australia, Curacao, Ireland, Canada, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and South America as well as tours within the United States.

He has performed for such artists as Celiz Cruz, Tito Puente, Carlos Vives, Shakira & Thalia. His talents have been features on the Latin Grammy Awards, Sabado Gigante as well as many videos. He has served as director for well known Latin Dance Company "1 Vicious to Mambo". He is current co-director of "LA Fushion Dance Co". With his incredible dance partner Zulmara Torres, they won 3 world championships. He has also served as a judge for several world renowned Latin dance competitions such as the annual World Mayan Competition and salsa congresses just to name a few. He has also partnered with LA Style pioneers: Josie Neglia and Jeanette Valenzuela.