Performance Team

We are looking for a few good men and women with a good attitude, motivated and willing to perform and represent Cal State Fullerton Salsa. Teamwork is central to what we do and we are dedicated to building a formidable salsa team. We look forward to recognizing your individual strengths and applying it to our ultimate goal:

              Having a strong and clean performance team;

             High ethical and moral standards (so we can avoid team drama);

             and improving our social dancing skills.

Our coach, Kazumi DeVries, will be working to provide result-driven and effective training in order to accomplish the above goals. She has the ability to make us better dancers but the first step is to show up! If you are interested in the team, please fill out the form below or just attend our classes.

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Are you a beginner? Don't worry, Kazumi has a course to help all level of dancers. We've expanded into two teams, the Training Team and Competitive Team. Now we can accept all applicants while still maintaining our competitive level.

We perform on campus, off-campus, and we compete. Unleash your potential, bring your intensity and dedication and we will provide the tools you need to become a better dancer.

We have sponsors, fundraisers, and numerous opportunities in order to make us the most affordable performance team at Cal State Fullerton.

Long-term Goals
To maintain a performance team dedicated to technique and a positive learning environment.

Team Inquiry: Are You Interested in joining the team? Let us know.